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NFTs suffer from lack of liquidity and have a tendency to have high spreads. These issues along with additional complexity of understanding their respective markets makes speculating on NFTs difficult. Many investors are left to do their own research and figure out what others have had years to learn. Investing in NFTs remains challenging due to their non-fungibility and transaction costs on ethereum.

Wrapped CryptoKitties ($WCK) was the first experiment to convert NFTs into ERC20s to enable easy trading on exchanges like Uniswap. With WCK, any CryptoKitty, regardless of market value, could be “wrapped” into a ERC-20 token. This breakthrough allowed CryptoKitties players to convert over 50 thousand Kitties to gain access to liquid markets.

Enter Wrapped Gen-0 ($WG0) CryptoKitties. The motivation behind WGO is to provide easy access to liquidity for a more valuable asset class with fixed supply. Only 50,000 Generation 0 cats can ever exist and much less are in circulation. WG0 is a modification of the original experiment, with the additional requirement that the wrapped CryptoKitty must be a scarce Generation 0 cat.

Deflationary supply Generation 0s is another variant that remains interesting for collectors and speculators. This asset class is called Virgin Generation 0 and Wrapped Virgin Generation 0 ($WVG0). These Kitties are of mint quality and must remain unbred to keep their virginity.

There are only two ways to get a WG0 token: wrap an existing Gen 0 kitty that you own, or buy one from Uniswap. A WG0 token is always backed exactly 1:1 with a Gen 0 kitty, and at any time a holder of 1 WG0 token can "burn" the token and withdraw any Gen 0 from the WG0 contract. This creates unique opportunities to arbitrage between CryptoKitties’ first-party marketplace and the WG0 pool as well as the ability to upgrade any Generation 0 you may own with any Generation 0 in the pool.